Horseback riding

Horse riding lessons

Under the guidance of instructors, we offer horse riding lessons for everyone - regardless of your level. Whether you are a beginner and just starting your adventure with horses, or you are an experienced rider looking for a new challenge - we have something suitable for you. The moments spent together on horseback in the Valley of the Sun will create memories that will stay with you forever.

Horse-drawn wagon tours

We invite you to discover the beauty of our surroundings on horse-drawn wagon tours. Get ready for the amazing sights you will discover as you travel along the scenic trails. Our tours offer not only beautiful landscapes, but also the opportunity to understand and appreciate nature, thanks to the close contact with horses.

Sleigh rides

When the frosty days arrive, the "Valley of the Sun" resort becomes the venue for magical sleigh rides. Follow the footsteps of horses in the snow, enjoy the white powder and a warm campfire at the end of your journey. Our sleigh rides are real winter fun for the whole family!

The "Sun's Valley " resort is more than a place - it is an experience that connects people with nature and allows them to spend time in an active and healthy way. Come and visit us to feel the magic of adventure surrounded by nature.

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